Lightweight, Foldable, Fast


Introducing The Model-T


A simple, elegant frame, forged out of aircraft grade aluminium. We’ve engineered a removable battery to provide you with unlimited venturing via easy battery swapping. Our market-leading 350W hub motor powers you up hills and our 1-second folding mechanism makes it easy for you to fold and pack away on the fly.


Skip The Hassles of Commuting

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Improve Well-being
Don’t spend your commute with your face stuffed in someone else’s sweaty armpit. Take control of your commute and free yourself from the unnecessary hassle of the London Commute.


Save Money
Start saving £00s if not £000s per year, skip the tube and ride with Elka around the city of London. P.S it only costs you a penny per mile in electricity. That’s if you’re paying for the electricity bill of course…


Save Time
Up the escalator, down the stairs, in and out. You waste hours if not days per year expending unnecessary amounts of time manoeuvring around the Underground Tube system - Now is the time to cut it out!