The end of commuting as we know it?

As I sit, perched on a cramped South West Train service on my way to Waterloo station at 08:12AM on a dark January Monday morning, whilst being held at a red signal for nearly half an hour, I can’t help but ask myself, does this pain that I seem to be experiencing on a weekly basis spell the beginning of the end for commuting as we know it?

From last minute service cancellations to surprise increases in train fares, sporadic red-signal hold-ups to awkward stepping-on-toes, it’s easy to feel like another sausage on a conveyor belt, optimised for maximum return on investment. As 21st century customers living in a highly competitive world, don’t we deserve more than this?

We need more options to choose from as we plan our daily commute. An option that doesn’t require you to be stuffed into a metal underground box that closely resembles a can of tuna. At least one option that doesn’t incrementally charge you more whilst reducing the quality of service over time. Please, just one option that doesn’t try to squeeze every last drop of ‘pounds per square human’ out of the space that is available.

In fact there is a better, more affordable and time efficient way to get around London. And not only does it save time and money but it saves the planet too. By investing in your own personal electric scooter you can take control of your commute, save hundreds a year in London Underground travel fees oh yeah and the trees will be happy too. It’s fun, efficient and good for the environment!

So hop on and join the crowd of adults that seem to have ‘never really grown up’. Or perhaps they could argue that they’ve just got their heads screwed on 😉