Introducing the Model-T Electric Scooter by Elka

Eight years into the 20th century, the streets of America faced a ‘dangerous’ new foe: the motor car. Ford’s Model-T rolled off the production lines and onto the streets in 1908 and the world hasn’t looked back. But the introduction of the motor car wasn’t without its problems or criticism - a bit like electric scooters in the 21st century.

The motor car was seen as a rising menace, a clattering, noisy heap that landed without ceremony onto city streets. Whilst many people immediately recognised the benefits of the car, others decried it. But the car won. Fuelled, if you excuse the pun, by our desire for increased mobility. Mayhem ensued for a short time until the car was an accepted and indispensable part of life. Essentially, within a matter of months, Ford’s mission of making motor vehicles a part of everyday life for the masses had been accomplished.

At Elka, we are following in Ford’s footsteps by introducing the Elka Model-T electric scooter, perfect for commuting and ideal for leisure. Bringing affordable eco-friendly personal transportation to the market, the Elka Model T electric scooter is both reliable and easily maintained. Packed with features, such as industry-leading LED lights, our electric scooter is not a noisy, clattering, polluting heap but an environmentally friendly means of personal transportation.

FEATURE – Lithium battery

Easy and quick to charge, the 36v 6.4Ah lithium battery provides all the power you need for inner-city commuting. With a range of 15 km per cycle, you may not need to charge it every day. And when you do, it charges in as little as two hours (within four if you need to charge from empty). Aside from giving a reliable, fault-free performance, you can replace the battery too. Lithium batteries are one of the most efficient, eco-friendly rechargeable power packs available today. You won’t need to replace it for years, however, depending on use.

The lithium battery comes with its own charging module. Simply uncoil the electric cable, plug in and come back after a couple of hours to a fully charged battery. Disconnect when it registers as full, and the lithium battery remains fully charged until its next use.

Fuss-free charging is a must but you also want a battery that doesn’t cost the earth to charge, literally and financially. Depending on your energy provider, charging your battery from empty could cost as little as 15p. Get your energy from a green supplier, and you’ll save the planet too.

FEATURE – Swappable battery for unlimited venturing

At Elka, we’re always pushing boundaries to provide cutting edge rider experience. Ever run out of battery when out on the move? Those days are over.

If you fancy venturing further afield, just take a charged spare battery with you - when one battery starts to run low, simply swap it over.


A lightweight spare battery for commuting and adventures – what could be better?!

“You can have any colour that you want so long as it is black” - Henry Ford 1922.

FEATURE – Next Gen Braking Technology

The Elka Model-T employs cutting edge braking technology to your daily scooter commute with disc brakes and regenerative eABS tech.

Small, simple and efficient, there’s a reason disc brakes are favoured by riders on the toure de france. They have the power to slow and stop your scooter for years without the need for replacement or repair. We prefer the disc brake on our scooter because it is effective, and riders simply get it. 

If you can ride a bike, you’ll be used to depressing the brake lever - using light but even pressure to slow your forward propulsion. Familiar, easy to use and super-reliable, the disc brakes on our electric scooter deliver superior performance every time.

Regenerative eABS technology kicks in every time you brake, converting a large proportion of your kinetic energy (speed) back into chemical energy (battery power). This maximises your riding efficiency and keeps you on the road for longer periods of time. 

FEATURE – Vacuumed sealed tyres

Tyres are important for a comfortable ride of your electric scooter. The Elka Model-T comes with vacuumed sealed tyres, the benefits of which are almost puncture-less performance and a smooth, comfortable ride.

Punctureless tyres are hard, giving an unforgiving ride. The conventional tyre is prone to slow punctures and flat tyres when ridden on uneven ground or when they pick up sharp objects from pavements and roads. The vacuum sealed tyre combines the best of both superior riding comfort and performance.

FEATURE – Cruise control

When you have a straight stretch unfolding in front of you and you want to admire the city around you, automatic cruise control is just epic.

The basis of the Model-T electric scooter design is your comfort. After five seconds at a constant speed, your scooter transitions comfortable into cruise control, gliding you effortlessly to your location. 

FEATURE – Powerful motor

Our 350-watt motor is more than enough to propel you comfortably on your daily commute. The wattage of the motor gives you the torque you need for the daily, inner-city commute.

Torque is the force that causes the rotation of the motor. The more torque a mechanical item delivers, the more force there is in its propulsion. 

A 350-watt motor delivers more than enough torque for easy, carefree city commuting. It will have enough poke for easy uphill commuting and more than enough to hold the motor back from running away as you ride downhill.

The motor just delivers time after time, keeping you moving just when you need it most.

FEATURE – Foldable & lightweight

In order to utilise an electric scooter for commuting, it must tick a lot of boxes. It needs to perform. It needs to be reliable. And when the dash on the tube or overland is unavoidable, you need a scooter that is easy and quick to fold, and lightweight to carry. Made from aircraft grade aluminium, it won’t rust, yet it’s super-tough.

The Elka Model-T electric scooter offers all of this. A quick flick of the folding handle and the handlebar and steering column lowers gracefully to meet the footplate – in less than a second. Put it into its bag, carry it under your arm or, if space and comfort of other commuters allow, you can drop the upright scooter over your shoulder and that’s it: away you go.

Convenience is the Model -T electric scooter's middle name. The commute is stressful enough as it is, so adding the electric scooter shouldn’t be a hassle or another thing to think about. It should slip into your morning commute hassle-free, bringing a whole heap of benefits. Scooting to work should be nothing but enjoyable.

Pre-order your Elka Model-T today

We’re driving an inner-city commuting revolution. The daily commute can’t stay as the stressful, expensive, polluting activity that it is. The electric scooter is revolutionising the commute in cities across the globe from Australia to America and countries in-between.

But scooting to work is only as good as the electric scooter. 

The Elka Model-T is the only electric scooter you’ll ever need. We’ve designed the Model-T with the commuter in mind. Durable, comfortable and fun, orders are now live!