Introducing #ExploreLondon

London. There’s nowhere on earth quite like it.

Walking through Covent Garden and Trafalgar square, one feels the strength of thousands of years of tradition. People trading, celebrating, fighting, loving, living, dreaming - it’s rich in the air. Down into Soho, or Oxford Circus, the modern aesthetic is just as strong. As the sun sets, the pavements are alive with people - the streets buzzing with the new generation of Londoners.

The old, and the new, distinct but deeply connected. These two worlds are only enriched by London’s multicultural population. From all four corners of the globe, people have emigrated to London to build a life for themselves. This is what makes our city so strong. Whether your roots are from Latin-America, the Carribean, Eastern Europe, or Scotland, if you live in London, you are a Londoner - and we salute you.

In these uncertain times, it’s important to remember this. Together, we are stronger.

Elka was born in London, built by Londoners, to help improve the city we love - reducing congestion and pollution while empowering fellow Londoners to take back control of their lives.

We designed the Model-T to help you, our riders, to explore life to the full.

Physically, with the removable battery, we've tried to offer the potential for unlimited venturing through the world around you.

But we've also tried to go beyond the physical, implementing innovative technology and space age design to help our riders expand their horizons - opening up to the new ideas and opportunities available in the rapidly changing world we live in.

Today we celebrate our roots, and invite you to do so too, with the launch of our latest campaign; #ExploreLondon.

We’ll be releasing footage and images each week, showcasing our beloved Model-T in some of London’s most recognisable locations. We’re bringing the city to you through our lens. Please stay tuned by checking back to our blog or by following us on social media @ridewithelka

To kick things off, we share with you a video that we are completely in love with - showcasing the sights, sounds and sensations of our city. Shot by @oliver.astrologo, we share with you: Londoners.

Join us over the coming weeks to #ExploreLondon.

Enjoy the ride!

Luke Martin